Zerek Affinity 220mm Glidebait Swimbait Lure 96g

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Zerek Affinity glidebait lure




The Zerek Affinity is a 220mm long, 3-jointed floating swimbait originally designed for large bass and pike but built to accommodate the brutal fisheries that are murray cod and barramundi. Constructed with a tough ABS plastic body that is supported by through wire construction to ensure durability, the Affinity features a unique joint section that creates a smooth sliding action during retrieve. With its large profile, the Affinity is the prefect size for massive predators that are feeding on larger baitfish in the fresh or the salt and with the addition of the two provided removeable weights (10g and 20g), the Affinity can target them at any depth. The removeable weight concept is brilliant in its design keeping the extra weight perfectly hidden and balancing the lure's action whether using the lure unweighted or with the chin weights. Unweighted the Affinity weighs in at 96g. Length: 220mm