UGLY FISH Polarised Sunglasses PU5212 MBL.BR BROWN Lens

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Ugly Fish Polarised Fishing Sunglasses 

with Unbreakable Frame 

Model:  PU5212-BROWN LENS with Unbreakable Frame

INDESTRUCTABLES. Virtually indestructible TPEE Frame! (Bend them backwards, twist them, you cant break these frames.

Protect your peepers from the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays in a stylish pair of Ugly Fish polarised sunnies.

Whether you’re cruisin’ ‘round town, out for a spot of fishing, enjoying a BBQ or simply out and about, if you've got a pair of Ugly's on you can be assured you’re vision will be crystal clear and your peepers totally protected.


  • Polarised Lens - Eliminates harmful UV rays and glare to reduce squinting. Also enhances colour and visual clarity
  • Maximum UV Protection – Category 3
  • TPEE Frame – a rubber like material that is extremely flexible and lightweight making them virtually indestructible, these Ugly’s are perfect for any outdoor adventure.