TFO Professional III Fly Rod w/Hard Case

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TFO Professional III Fly Rods

The Pro III was designed to provide new and intermediate anglers a tool with a wider sweet spot to allow casters to better feel the rod load, understand when it isn’t properly loaded, and refine the steps to properly place a fly in front of a fish. It has evolved from the previous models to offer anglers of all skill levels a casting improvement tool at an incredible value.

  • With over 20 years of building rods in this category, the new Pro III has a confirmed lineage of success and happy anglers. We have modernized it and styled in a way to fit the modern angling scene while keeping the performance and efficiency true to its past. The Pro III series rods are a moderate action taper, which is both easy to load and cast, while being powerful enough to confidently land fish.

    Single hand models include 12 rods, from a small water three-weight to a popular, big fish style 10-weight.

    Pro III single-handed rods feature premium cork grip handles, (half and full-wells) with EVA foam accents and anodized aluminum reel seats, with both full and carbon fiber inserts. The rods are topped with appropriately sized SiC style stripping guides and double-foot, anodized snake guides. Two-handed models feature a composite cork handle with EVA foam accents and black fully anodized aluminum reel seats.

    All Pro III rods are packaged in a labeled rod sock and rod tube.

    The Pro III series delivers exceptional casting performance and efficiency that when combined with TFO’s full lifetime warranty make them the perfect choice for anglers seeking an attractive, skill refining tool.

    Limited Liftetime No-Fault Warranty: available for the life of the original registered owner. No matter how you break it, we will either repair it or replace it - fly rods will cost $50 incl GST per section (except the butt section which costs $80); spin and cast rods will cost $80 incl GST. To activate your warranty, simply fill out the warranty registration card included with your rod, get the retailer to sign it and mail it to EJ Todd. (Please note that if you purchased your rod from a country other than Australia, you will need to liaise with the place of purchase for warranties.)

Model Rod Length Action Handle Type Line Weight Pieces



Product Weight

TF 03 76 4 P3 7'6" Moderate

3 4 2.6 oz
TF 04 80 4 P3 8'0" Moderate

4 4 2.7 oz
TF 04 86 4 P3 8'6" Moderate

4 4 2.9 oz
TF 04 90 4 P3 9'0" Moderate

4 4 3 oz
TF 05 86 4 P3 8'6" Moderate

5 4 3 oz
TF 05 90 4 P3 9'0" Moderate

5 4 3.2 oz
TF 06 90 4 P3 9'0" Moderate

6 4 3.4 oz
TF 06 91 4 P3 9'0" Moderate

6 4 3.8 oz
TF 07 90 4 P3 9'0" Moderate

7 4 4 oz
TF 08 90 4 P3 9'0" Moderate

8 4 4.2 oz
TF 09 90 4 P3 9'0" Moderate

9 4 4.6 oz
TF 10 90 4 P3 9'0" Moderate

10 4 4.7 oz


High-end performance.
Sophisticated and elegant designs.
No unnecessary accoutrements that add expense and cost.

Our goal at TFO is to provide our anglers tools properly fit to meet their needs, designed to last a lifetime, but won’t empty thier pocketbooks. And for more than two decades this idea has led TFO to design fishing rods recognized for optimizing the balance between performance and price.