Shimano Baitrunner 4000 D Series Spin Fishing Reel

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Baitrunner Series

Baitrunner D is the premier range of the famous Baitrunner collection, boasting all the very best features of the previous reels, but combining them with the latest Shimano technology and design to deliver the ultimate Baitrunner. The larger 8000 and 12000 sizes open up a whole world of possibilities to anglers, such as casting and bait fishing for a variety of pelagic game fish, while the 4000 and 6000 sizes cater for those wishing to float an unweighted pillie or strip bait down a berley trail aimed at snapper.

Model Size Ratio Bearings Drag (kg) Line Cap (kg/m) Line Cap (Lbs/yds) Weight(g)
BTR12000D Baitrunner 12000D 4.4:1 3+1 12.0 7/320 50/505 850.0
BTR4000D Baitrunner 4000D 4.8:1 3+1 7.0 4/219 15/265 385.0
BTR6000D Baitrunner 6000D 4.8:1 3+1 9.0 5/274 30/245 570.0
BTR8000D Baitrunner 8000D 4.8:1 3+1 9.0 6/270 40/270 615.0