Rovex Tough Fluorocarbon Leader 20m Flurocarbon

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Rovex TOUGH Fluorocarbon Leader Material - 20m 

100% PVDF FLUOROCARBON PREMIUM LEADER! Rovex Fluorocarbon Leader is as close to invisible as is possible, sinks four times faster than monofilament nylon (mono) and has excellent abrasion resistance. It is made from premium-grade 100% PVDF, which stands for polyvinylidene fluoride. PVDF is a material with properties that make it the most highly-regarded fluorocarbon for fishing leader for several reasons: Its optical density is lower than mono, making it less visible to fish. It has a harder surface, which increases its abrasion resistance. It doesn't take up water and it's also resistant to UV light. PVDF is denser than mono, so it will sink faster and will not float. All this jargon simply means that when you need the most invisible leader possible, with better abrasion resistance, and you don't mind it being a tiny bit stiffer, then Rovex Fluorocarbon Leader is your best choice. 20m spools are available from the trout-, bream-, whiting- and bass-friendly 4lb (0.17mm diameter), to 80lb for the big ones.

Feature List
  • 100% PVDF Fluorocarbon
  • Virtually Invisible In Water
  • Thin Diameter
Code Model Barcode Length Rating Diameter Inner Qty Outer Qty
32227 Fluorocarbon Leader 20m 4lb 9312327797220 20m 4lb 0.17 12 120
32120 Fluorocarbon Leader 20m 6lb 9312327792072 20m 6lb 0.21 12 120
32121 Fluorocarbon Leader 20m 8lb 9312327792089 20m 8lb 0.27 12 120
32122 Fluorocarbon Leader 20m 10lb 9312327792096 20m 10lb 0.3 12 120
32123 Fluorocarbon Leader 20m 15lb 9312327792102 20m 15lb 0.37 12 120
32124 Fluorocarbon Leader 20m 20lb 9312327792119 20m 20lb 0.44 12 120
32125 Fluorocarbon Leader 20m 30lb 9312327792126 20m 30b 0.52 6 120
32126 Fluorocarbon Leader 20m 40lb 9312327792133 20m 40lb 0.62 6 120
32127 Fluorocarbon Leader 20m 60lb 9312327792140 20m 60lb 0.79 6 120
32312 Fluorocarbon Leader 20m 80lb 9312327798098 20m 80lb 0.92 6 120