Nomad DARTWING 130mm SINKING Stickbait Holo Ghost Shad

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Color: HGS

The DARTWING 130mm is designed to mimic skipping baitfish and entice any predatory fish to strike. Representing the ultimate surface skipping popper, the unique Dartwing head design makes the lure dart erratically from side-to-side when wound across the surface, looking like a scared, injured baitfish. It can be worked with fast retrieve and with a twitching rod tip action to make the lure bounce across the surface, where the unique Dartwing design creates maximum surface disturbance and side-to-side action.

The Dartwing 130mm is ideal for Tuna, Mackerel, Tailor, Kingfish, Trevally, Salmon and many other surface feeding saltwater species. The super strong inline hooks, HD ABS construction and Gorilla Through Wire system all combine to make this a formidable opponent for even the toughest fish.

Designed and tested in Australia by the Nomad Sportfishing Team, Nomad Design lures are not only super tough and durable, but also feature highly detailed colours and most importantly unique and highly effective shapes and actions. Each Nomad Design lure has been crafted by decades of experience on the water to be tougher, last longer and to catch big fish.

LENGTH 130mm
DEPTH Surface
ACTION Sinking Surface Skipping
HOOKS FITTED BKK Diablo 5X Singles 2/0
USES Casting