Mustad Blue 4 Piece Teflon Filleting Knife Kit with Knife Roll & Sharpener

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Mustad Fish Filetting Knife Set


Mustad 4 Piece Fish Filleting Kit

This comprehensive 4 piece knife kit is ideal for fishing.

Included are the Blue series 7" and 8" Fillet Knives and the 9" Boning Knife, keeping you prepared for any size fish.

These stainless-steel blades are coated in Teflon for a sharp and smooth filleting experience. 

To keep the blades maintained and ready for the next catch, the Knife Kit features a hand-held sharpener with the same well-designed ergonomics as the knives. 

A roll up bag keep the knives together and protected while you're on the move. 

  • Black teflon coated blades
  • 420 stainless steel blades for maximum sharpeness and edge retention
  • Non-stick blades to minimize resistance when filleting
  • Anti-bacterial handle material suitable for both temperate and tropical climates
  • High quality plastic molded sheathes for safe storage