Killervibe 160 Lure Slimy 160mm 131g NEW Tuna Lure

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Killervibe 160 Lure

Color: Slimy

Length: 160mm

Weight: 131g

The River2Sea Killer Vibe Stick Bait is a high-speed saltwater trolling lure with no equal. It's made from high-quality resins, allowing it to remain hydro-dynamically stable, even when retrieved at high speeds. A full through wire construction means that even in the unlikely event that the body breaks you'll stay connected with the fish.

What's more, this lure can even be trolled from 3 knots to 12 knots. The large amount of top-water commotion created by its uniquely shaped head drives Kingfish so insane that they attack this lure with force! Perfect when casting at feeding schools of Kingfish, Tuna and Salmon. Available in a range of colours to suit different fishing conditions.

  • Castable high speed lure
  • Packed full of action and stays in the water column
  • Can be trolled from 3 to 12 knots
  • Constructed from high quality resins with full through wire construction
  • Hydro-dynamically stable
  • Perfect when casting at feeding schools of Kingfish, Tuna and Salmon
  • Pre-rigged with heavy-duty Shogun single hooks
  • Length: 160mm
  • Weight: 131g
  • Swims down to 6 metres