Hookem Adjustable 70cm Lure Pouch - 6 Pocket 2 Straps

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Hookem 70cm Lure Pouch -6 Pockets  Adjustable 2 Straps

Model: LP6-ST/70

Open Dimensions

  • Length: 70cm

  • Width: 30cm

Closed Dimensions

  • Length: 20cm

  • Width: 30cm


Hook'em Lure Pouches are made to store all your game lures from Game Skirts to Hard body lures and jigs.  The 70cm model has 6 clear pockets with velcro to store large lures up-to 12" long each. What sets the Hook'em lure pouch above the competition is the buckle straps that hold the pouch closed.  regular lure pouches use velcro strips to hold the whole bag closed but usually fail once the user fills the pouch with lure.  The Hook'em "2 strap" model has 2 adjustable straps with buckles to ensure the pouch does not bust open when you fill it with all your favorite game lures.  Stay tidy and organized with the Hook'em Lure Pouch.

  • Material: Durable mesh fabric, fully washable
  • Features: Adjustable Buckled Straps
  • 6 Pockets
  • Suits lures up to 30cm long