Halco Slidog 105 Stickbait 105mm

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Halco Slidog 105 Stickbait 

This lure hits the absolute sweet spot! So if you’re into launching a lure out over the horizon and looking for that bone jarring, nerve rattling, knee jerking strike as you rip it back… then look no further! The Slidog 105 is the stickbait that brings versatility to a new level. Work it slow on the surface and wait for that boil. Work it fast with an erratic twitch and wait for your reel to start smoking! Or see what happens when you let it sink… the Slidog 105 has an irresistible shimmy on the way down meaning even demersal species love to to swallow it.

Renowned skippers such as Eddy Lawler, Ben Knight and plenty others have already expressed their liking for the Slidog 105… and so have the fish! Testing saw us land tuna, mackerel, snapper, tailor, trevally, coral trout, spangled emperor and a whole lot more! Get one in your box!

Slidog 105 Specs

Weight 28g
Length 105mm, 4.1 Inches
Hooks #1 Mustad Trebles
Applications Casting
Buoyancy Medium Sink