Fish Inc FLANKER 115mm CLEAR PEARL 28g

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A lure that has proven to get the bite when it's tough going, the Flanker is a dynamite, ultra-realistic, high speed baitfish imitation that is ideal for targeting pelagic species, or slow it down and twitch it to appeal to a wide variety of species. Versatile design, proven colours and life-like finishes make the Flanker a go-to for tuna, mackerel, tailor, salmon, trevally, kingfish and more.

  • Heavy Duty ABS Construction
  • Through Wire Design
  • Fitted with heavy duty Owner treble
  • 15mm / 28g / Sinking



So, another brand of lure has been making waves on the Australian market. Fish Inc. branded lures have been chalking up solid catches, including big barra, GT and tuna, just to name a few. With a modest range and colour selection available, what actually sets them apart from the thousands that try to rival the more well-known brands? Let me give you some insight as to what convinces me to spend my hard earned coin on a relatively unknown brand.

Personally, I stay away from cheaper own brands lure that you can buy from the big outlets and tend to spend my money on branded lures that have a track record of landing fish. Being a creature of habit, once I'm hooked on a particular brand it takes a hell of a lot for me to pick another lure from the wall of my local tackle shop, let alone hand over my hard earned twenty to thirty dollars for a higher end lure. So, what are the top features that I look for. Aesthetics and terminal tackle are two main factors when I'm considering a lure. The colour, shape and size have to convince me. If I'm going to go chase tuna, I want something that matches the bait that's likely to be holding in my intended fishing destination. Basically, if I'm not convinced that a fish will smash it, then I'm not going to buy it, let alone tie it on.

My other big consideration is terminal tackle (hooks / split rings). There is plenty of quality terminal tackle around these days and big companies spend a lot of time and effort perfecting it, so if I don't find it on the lure, I won't bother picking it. For me it's an indication of a company pushing a cheap product. Sure you'll land a few fish here and there, however if you hook that fish of a lifetime you don't to leave anything to chance. This is where Fish Inc. lures fit in, an aesthetically pleasing product with some cool colours available and solid Owner terminal tackle.

The lure that I have been use in anger of late is the 85mm / 19g Fish Inc. Flanker. Being the smaller of the 2 sizes available (115mm also available), it matches the rather small bait of Moreton Bay. The Flanker is a super slick looking bait fish presentation that casts well and catches fish. It is almost bulletproof for its size and with its through wire design it's always on hand to cast at the unmistakable tuna bust up.

My two favourite colours are Clear Pearl and Natural. Being light and well balanced, means it casts really long and straight, and it is seemingly unaffected by wind or even being tied onto some heavier leader. I was throwing it well with 50lb leader and 40lb braid on an Okuma 7' Pressure Point rod and 8000 Azores reel, while still managing to hit the school without having to position the boat on top of it.

As some of you may know, Moreton Bay tuna in particular are spooked easily and also are very fussy, so for me it was unreal to get a strike every time that lure landed in the school. Rather than bore you with the particulars, jump on the Tackle Tactics website and check Fish Inc. Lures out. I'm already drooling over my next purchase.

Get amongst it!

Cheers, Sean