Fish Inc EGILICIOUS Squid Jig 3.5 Leopard Shrimp

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Fish Inc Egilicious

Squid Jig

Length: 3.5inchs

Color: Leopard Shrimp


Egilicious is your perfect partner for squid fishing. Constructed from high quality materials, expertly designed and rigourously tested. Egilicious is the ideal weight for long casts, slow sinking and has a realistic swimming action. The buoyant 'tail up' design increases the hook up rate while minimising snagging and fouling.

Features include a unique tail design that is angled 3 degrees higher than standard jigs to further minimise snagging. Quality Owner squid jig hooks are finer than standard hooks to increase the hook up rate, while also allowing the hooks to be straightened under pressure to retrieve the jig when snagged and simply bent back into position to continue fishing.

Additional strike triggers include realistic 3D eyes and feather fins, along with a unique range of tested and proven colours.