Fins Original PRT Braid Yellow 150yds

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PRT is a soft, flexible braid with a very tuff urethane coating, a great choice for finesse fishing. Flipping and pitching into heavy structure where durability and strength are paramount, is one of the many situations where PRT shines. PRT is the current state of the art braid produced using traditional braid architecture, 30 pound PRT is the diameter of 8 pound monofilament, 20 pound like 6 pound mono, etc. Many experienced braid users find PRT to their liking as it has a familiar feel but with a durability that exceeds their expectations regarding color retention and fray resistance.

How do we make our fishing lines so superior? It’s the result of our proprietary Polymer Reinforced Technology (PRT). This revolutionary process impregnates the line’s fibres with a urethane-based resin, providing body and stiffness to the braid structure. The body creates a cushion that prevents the line from cutting into itself and increases line grip. Better line grip allows for tighter knots, helps prevent slippage and dramatically increases tensile strength.


Spectra vs Dyneema are both yarns comprised of bundles of  micro-filaments, the Dyneema filaments are smaller in diameter than the Spectra filaments and are therefore quicker to wear and break,   resulting in “fuzzy line”. The photo below is of 2 different 50 lb raw (uncoated, uncoloured) braids; one  Spectra and the other Dyneema.

These braids were tested with the Hexbar Abrasion test where equal weights were hung on the braids and then cycled 2000 times over a hexagonal piece of steel. This test was originally developed by Honeywell to test the  abrasion tolerance of auto seat belts made of woven polyester. This closely replicates the cast and retrieve wear that occurs in fishing with the lines passing over the guide eyes when under tension.

Under harsh conditions, coated lines begin to crack, leaving the underlying fibres exposed  and vulnerable to  breaking. FINS PRT  Braid is completely “wetted out” with resin and cured to form a flexible composite that will not crack, peel or break.