Black Magic Hyperglide 13x Braid Fishing Line Blue

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New Hyperglide® 13x Braid

Black Magic’s new Hyperglide® 13x is the latest addition to our range of high performance braids. With an impressive suite of features, Hyperglide® is designed to deliver the smoothest and longest cast you’ll ever experience.

Key features

  • A 13 carrier braid, constructed from 12 Japanese PE fibres which are woven around a strong central core, creating a very smooth line that retains its roundness
  • The braid glides silently through the guides, and with no extra effort, you’ll find your distance is greater than what you’d experience with a standard braid
  • The round structure delivers less friction and a better shaped line off the spool, and therefore more distance in each cast
  • It also means less drag as it sinks down through the water column giving improved lure presentation and a higher level of sensitivity
  • The range starts at an ultra-fine PE 0.4 (8lb) and tops out at a sturdy PE 8.0 (80lb)
  • Whether your chasing Trout in the Tekapo canals, Squid fishing, soft baiting, casting micro-jigs, or hurling topwater lures at fast moving schools of fish, Hyperglide® 13x will give you an edge. It allows you to hit targets that are further away and to simply cover more ground with each cast
  • The ‘Tekapo Blue’ colour makes it less visible in water, perfect for easily spooked fish, be it Trout, Squid, Kingfish or other target species

Fishing style

  • Recommended for casting lures, jigging and bait fishing in fresh or salt water
  • 8lb, 10lb and 12lb weights are recommended when targeting fish like Trout, Salmon, Squid and Bream as casting distance and sensitivity are important
  • 16lb, 20lb and 30lb weights are recommended for heavier lures in fresh or salt water 
  • 50lb and 80lb weights are ideally suited for top water casting in salt water, especially when longer casts are critical to hit distant/fast moving schools of tuna without scaring them off